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Help break the isolation of the elderly:
join us in offering them comfort and presence until the end of life.

Act against isolation

Since 1962 in Quebec, Little Brothers has been offering free compassionate companionship to the population aged 75 and over, helping to break isolation, restore joy in life, and promote active aging.

« I was in the darkness, feeling lost. Then Little Brothers came into my life and promised to stay with me until the end. Since then, I have a new family. »

Mrs. Malouin, Great Friend since 2010

The Elderly: Our Great Friends

At Little Brothers, we build a family around our Great Friends, looking after them with dignity, solidarity and gentleness. We see them as true members of our family, and we’ll be there for them until the very end of their lives.

Whether you’re a senior looking for a little support, or you think you know someone who’s isolated, join the Little Brothers in your area. Welcome to your new family!

« I’ve got to learn to welcome a new person into our close circle. People we care about have a way of changing us from the inside out, making us feel connected and bigger than a typical family.»

Laurent, young volunteer

Volunteers: building bridges to transform the lives of seniors

Want to make a difference? Volunteering with Little Brothers can transform your life and the lives of seniors in your area. Your gift of time will create links that maintain the social safety net right where it’s needed most.

There are many needs among our Great Friends, and there’s sure to be one that meets your expectations. Whether you prefer a regular or occasional commitment, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. Join us to ensure that no one is left behind.

The commitment of donors

Since we began, your generosity has allowed Little Brothers to grow. The support you provide makes the days of our seniors brighter. We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to the corporate partners, foundations and individuals who support us. Together, we can pursue our mission of countering social isolation in Quebec’s aging population.

Let’s say thank you!

Together, we can pursue our mission of countering social isolation in Quebec’s aging population.

About our long-lasting social action

Find a region

Our volunteers and teams work together in 12 regions across Quebec, forming a vast network of solidarity and mutual aid. Join a team near you to help break the isolation of vulnerable seniors and offer them a new perspective on life.

Support seniors with our charity boutiques

Visit our charity boutiques on Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal, where you’ll find a fine selection of quality second-hand items at affordable prices. All funds generated support the Little Brothers Foundation in its mission to break the isolation of seniors.



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