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Little Brothers: Present Everywhere in Québec

With the contribution of our large family of volunteers and our coordination teams spread over 12 administrative regions, we have created a movement of mutual aid whereby vulnerable seniors can call upon us. Our involvement and our efforts allow us to fight against the isolation and loneliness of our Great Friends and to gain a new perspective on life.

Photo of a senior laughing while talking on a cell phone.

Little Brothers Near you: phone pairing offered throughout Québec

Available regardless of sanitary, social and geographical context, phone support allows the people we accompany to have meaningful contacts with our volunteers and to maintain strong social ties.

Even from a distance, our volunteers and team members work miracles to contribute to the well-being of seniors!

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Our Regional Teams Need You

Does the loneliness of seniors in your community affect you? You can help us bring joy and serenity into the day-to-day lives of seniors who need it the most, while making a positive impact in your community. Our Great Friends need you; so do we.

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