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Little Brothers in the Media

Check out the latest Little Brothers’ publications and recent media coverage related to our cause.

Are you a member of the media?

You play an essential role in changing the way society perceives aging and in promoting dialogue about the fight against the social isolation of seniors in Quebec.

Contact our media relations team for inquiries about the organization.

Our areas of expertise

Since 1962, Little Brothers has developed a vast expertise on various issues related to the elderly, and can intervene on subjects such as:

  • Social isolation of the elderly in Québec;
  • The aging of the Québec population;
  • Speaking up for isolated seniors;
  • Losses experienced by isolated seniors;
  • The current situation when it comes to elderly people in social isolation;
  • The Little Brothers organization and its history;
  • Conversations about philanthropy, community issues and their current situation, and volunteerism.
Close-up 2 hands holding an elder's hand.
An elder receives two young visitors in her kitchen.

Little Brothers: news relating to our mission

   Open letters

Latest press releases from Little Brothers

September 26, 2023: International Day of Older People: Little Brothers want to make ageing well a social project
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August 28, 2023: Little Brothers open a second Boutique on Mont-Royal Avenue
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August 21, 2023: Little Brothers welcome their new President and CEO, Catherine Harel Bourdon
Read the press release

December 13, 2022  Little Brothers return to holiday meal tradition after more than two years of pandemic
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October 25, 2022: Little Brothers celebrate their 60th anniversary: thousands of volunteers mobilized each year to counter the isolation of lonely elders
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April 11, 2022: Little Brothers will provide a dose of happiness and cheer to more than 2,000 seniors living alone over the Easter weekend
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December 13, 2021: A new Little Brothers team in Granby
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December 1, 2021: This holiday season, Little Brothers will brighten the lives of over 2,000 isolated seniors
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October 21, 2021: The Little Brothers Boutique inaugurates a new mural on its façade
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