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A Companionship Offer Tailored to the Needs of the Elderly

Our companionship is always designed according to the needs, desires, and abilities of the elderly. Led by our regional teams across Québec, our support allows for a variety of approaches to countering isolation while addressing the different needs that seniors may have throughout their lives.

Photo of several people holding hands.

What Our Great Friends Have Told Us

According to a survey conducted with the seniors we accompany, 5 needs stand out for them:

  • Meeting people, socializing with other people (100%).
  • Having a contact person to turn to in times of need (85%).
  • Receiving attention, being listened to, sharing, talking to someone they trust (77%).
  • Celebrating important moments of the year (69%).
  • Staying involved by participating in activities (54%).

Community-Based Actions Tailored to the Needs of the Elderly 

Promoting social interaction

Photo of an elder who knits and a companion who holds the wool.

The organization’s programs help to reestablish and maintain social ties, regardless of the living situations of the seniors we accompany. We offer companionship pairings, visits, or telephone calls which favour the creation of lasting, meaningful, and trusting relationships. Our Great Friends will never be alone again.

Daily support

Photo of several seniors helped in their movement outside.

Seniors’ day-to-day lives are not always easy. They may experience various forms of grief, vulnerability, or have specific and complex health needs. Little Brothers volunteer companions make sure to be there for them when it counts, to help them maintain their dignity and well-being, and to accompany them until the end of their lives.

Celebrating important moments

Photo of a bright red Christmas ball held by an elder.

Life is also made up of milestones that should be celebrated in good company. Therefore, Little Brothers is committed to organizing events and creating spaces where people can meet and  build relationships. Through vacation getaways, end of year events, and birthdays, Little Brothers’ whole extended family celebrates together.

Photo of a senior couple in a sunny garden. They holding up two fingers in a "V" to make a peace signs.

The benefits of our support to seniors 

Whereas social isolation causes distress and negatively impacts an elder’s quality of life, companionship provides many benefits to their physical and psychological health. Among other things, it enables them to:

  • know that they exist for someone;
  • feel affection, moral support, and comfort;
  • feel a sense of dignity and well-being;
  • find new inspiration to fulfill their dreams;
  • be assured they will not live in solitude any longer; 
  • enjoy lasting human relationships at an age when grief is common.

Ensuring a presence where it matters

Thanks to the contribution of our extended family of volunteers and our teams in 12 administrative regions, we are making a real difference in the lives of isolated Quebec seniors over 75 who are estranged from their families and loved ones.

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