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The Little Brothers Foundation: Expanding Generosity

The main objective of the Foundation is to secure and grow the financial resources necessary for Little Brothers to fulfill its mission to the elderly everywhere in Quebec. It also ensures the organization’s outreach to the general public in order to rally more donors, partners, and volunteers to the cause of countering seniors’ isolation.

Thanks to its committed partners, the Foundation is able to maintain and expand the work of Little Brothers by increasing its capacity, ensuring that its support is sustainable and free of charge, and by actively participating in the development of social gerontology in Québec.

All the activities and campaigns organized by the Foundation have the sole purpose of supporting the organization in bringing a warm presence to our Great Friends.

We are committed to transparent and efficient use of all contributions, and appreciate your invaluable support in making our vision a reality.

Trust is at the heart of our relationships and exchanges with donors. The Little Brothers Foundation adheres to the Donor Bill of Rights of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

5 Reasons to Take Action Now

In Québec, 1 out of 5 seniors has no family on whom they can rely


Social isolation is as harmful for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day


Loneliness and isolation make the elderly invisible and vulnerable


In 2030, Québec will have more than 1.1 million people aged 75 and over


By 2030, approximately 220,000 people aged 75 and over will be at risk of experiencing social isolation in Québec


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Our Donors’ Generosity: The Foundation of our Mission

The public’s generosity is what has allowed Little Brothers to carry out its mission for the past 60 years, as only 15 % of its budget comes from the government. It is thanks to the help of generous donors (general public, philanthropists, foundations and corporations) that we can support isolated seniors in Quebec each year. These diverse sources of income are essential to providing financial stability for Little Brothers.

Year-End Results, ending July 31st, 2022


A donation of this amount enables us to offer a day’s holiday to a senior whom we accompany, including adapted transport and a picnic.


A monthly donation of this amount enables us to offer a day’s holiday to a senior who no longer has the chance to leave the house.

These are just a couple of examples of how your contribution can make a significant difference. 

Your Generosity is Driving the Work of the Little Brothers Foundation

Our organization is counting on people’s generosity to carry out its mission as only 15% of our budget comes from government sources. Thanks to donations from the general public, philanthropists, foundations, and corporations, we are able to support socially-isolated seniors in Québec year after year.

These diversified revenue streams provide stability to our organization and allow us to have faith in the future.

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Photo of an elder friendly touching a friend's face. They both smile.

Why Donate?

Your donations allow seniors to have someone in their life they can trust, with whom they can talk and be listened to in return. Your contributions enable us to re-establish and maintain bonds with Great Friends and to accompany them until the end of their lives.

Your donations provide the means to organize celebrations, workshops, and vacation getaways for seniors. These occasions foster friendships, connections, a renewed sense of joy in life, as well as a desire to remain active.

Your donations help seniors who are going through difficult situations (loss or bereavement, a move, deteriorating health, etc.). They also support those with cognitive deficits, mental health issues, or other forms of vulnerability. Thanks to you, our organization can provide them with goods that are often expensive, but absolutely essential to their socialization: glasses, prostheses, hearing or dental aids, wheelchairs, household appliances, etc.

Your donations support our efforts to raise awareness about the situation of isolated seniors in Québec. They give us the means to bring the views and perspectives of those who are often behind closed doors to the forefront of public discussion. These efforts allow us to rally more support and commitment for this cherished cause. We are aiming to change the way society looks at seniors.

Many Ways to Get Involved

There are many ways to support our work and improve the lives of our Great Friends. Which one is yours?

If you have any questions or require information, please do not hesitate to contact our donor relations department.

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