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The Pride of Aging: A Commitment to the Future of Our Community and Elders

Social commitment and participation in “La fierté de vieillir”

On May 31st, Little Brothers participated in the event “La fierté de vieillir,” where the Minister responsible for Seniors and Minister Delegate for Health, Sonia Bélanger, unveiled the Government Action Plan 2024-2029. We commend this ambitious plan and commit to actively participating in the concrete actions proposed to break social isolation and promote the social participation of seniors in Quebec.

This event brought together over 375 participants, including several ministers and elected officials from the Quebec government. The animated discussions led by these individuals demonstrated their commitment to implementing complementary strategies to address the challenges of an aging population in Quebec. We want to share our impressions and the lessons learned from this enriching day with our community.

The Government action plan (GAP) 2024-2029

During this significant day, Minister Sonia Bélanger launched the Government Action Plan (GAP) 2024-2029: La fierté de vieillir. This plan, stemming from the Government Policy on Aging and Living Together at Home in One’s Community in Quebec (VVE), was developed with contributions from over 5,000 people, organizations, associations, and researchers. We will be particularly attentive to initiatives aimed at valuing the social participation of elderly people and breaking social isolation, concerns that are close to our hearts.

An inclusive and collaborative approach

The GAP 2024-2029 is distinguished by its innovative, inclusive, and collaborative approach to addressing the challenges of the accelerated aging of the population. With investments of nearly $2.345 billion over five years, this plan aims to support the implementation of more than 100 measures carried out by 34 partner ministries and government organizations. These measures will address crucial aspects such as fighting ageism, strengthening the financial autonomy of seniors, social participation, and home support services.

Our ongoing commitment

As an organization dedicated to supporting 2,400 people aged 75 and over, we enthusiastically welcome the developments surrounding these announcements. We are eager to see the deployment of strategies in the coming weeks, months, and years. Above all, we remain the voice of the most vulnerable and isolated elderly, ensuring that their needs are always at the heart of our actions and those of the government. We also want to thank minister Sonia Bélanger for her leadership and commitment to this major project.

Next steps and involvement of our community

Little Brothers remain determined to contribute to a Quebec where every elderly person can age with dignity and pride, surrounded by a caring and supportive community. We invite our community to stay informed and participate in the upcoming information sessions on the GAP 2024-2029 scheduled for fall 2024.

Click here to access the replay of the event “La fierté de vieillir” (french only) and here to read the full publication of the government action plan 2024-2029 (french only).

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