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Little Brothers welcome their new CEO, Catherine Harel Bourdon

The members of the Board of Directors of the Little Brothers organization and its Foundation announce the appointment of Catherine Harel Bourdon to the position of President and CEO. Ms. Harel Bourdon’s skills in governance and organizational management, as well as her strong desire to improve the quality of life of the citizens around her, … Continued

A partnership to better support LGBTQ+ seniors

En partenariat avec la Fondation Émergence, Les Petits Frères ont adhéré à la Charte de bientraitance envers les personnes aînées LGBT, dans le but de mieux les accompagner. Pour l’occasion, Les Petits Frères de Montréal ont accueilli l’exposition pédagogique Pour que vieillir soit gai, qui relate des faits poignants sur la réalité des personnes aînées … Continued

Juliette-Huot and Hubert-de-Ravinel Prize 2022: three outstanding winners

Every year, we take the time to recognize the essential commitment of the volunteers of the Little Brothers and to thank them for the time and love given to our Great Friends. The Juliette-Huot Prize: rewarding the exemplary commitment of our volunteers In 2022, Andrée Ruel was awarded the trophy. A gentle, caring person with … Continued

Annual Report 2021-22: 60 years of solidarity is worth celebrating!

Thanks to you, who are part of the big Little Brothers family, we were able to make a real difference in the lives of 2,636 seniors this year. Your solidarity and devotion to breaking the isolation of elderly people in Quebec makes it possible, year after year, to offer Great Friends the love and friendship … Continued

A new brand image to celebrate 60 years of solidarity

Little Brothers are proud to unveil their new visual identity to their entire community. The flower, emblem of the Little Brothers, expresses the attention, the love and the fraternity that we have for our Great Friends and Great Friends. This flower also represents the way in which the teams and volunteers of the Little Brothers … Continued

Tribute to the Founder of Little Brothers, Armand Marquiset

On this French National Holiday, we would like to highlight Little Brothers’ beginnings, in France, just after World War II, thanks to one man’s passion: Armand Marquiset. As a young man from a long line of aristocrats, Armand Marquiset took enjoyment in traveling and the simple pleasures of life. He was immediately struck by social … Continued

Volunteering changes lives: happy volunteering week to all!

This week, we highlight the commitment of the women and men who allow Little Brothers to exist: our beautiful community of volunteers from all over Quebec! This year’s theme is “Volunteering Changes Lives”. It carries a lot of meaning, because volunteering is fundamental to our society and to our communities. Volunteering changes the lives of … Continued

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