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Mobilization for seniors on October 1st

The Walk for Seniors Acting together for the well-being of aging people organized by Mouvement HABITATS is returning for its fourth edition this year. Little Brothers invites you to participate in this event, presented by Un et un font mille and Fondation AGES. It will take place simultaneously in Montréal and Québec City on Tuesday, October 1, 2024, as part of the International Day of Older Persons. About 1,000 people are expected to attend.

An event in support of seniors

Since its first edition in 2021, this event has promoted active, positive ageing by challenging stereotypes about immobility. It highlights the diversity of seniors’ experiences and offers a forum for meaningful discussion between organizations, businesses, citizens and change makers.

Why take part in the walk on October 1st?

By joining the walk, you can:

  • Promote solidarity: Show your commitment to seniors and strengthen community ties.
  • Engage in meaningful discussion: Meet citizens, organizations, and change makers to share ideas and experiences.
  • Take part in an extraordinary experience: Participate in a free, open and accessible event, and discover inspirational initiatives that bring together and strengthen our communities.

Committed partners and public figures

This year, the event is supported by many partners, including Little Brothers, FADOQ Montréal, Fondation Luc Maurice, AREQ as well as Le Groupe Maurice, Grace Dart Foundation, AQDR and many others. A number of public figures, elected officials and dignitaries will also be present to support this important cause.

Join us for a better future

Catherine Harel-Bourdon, President and CEO of Little Brothers, says: “This year, we decided to join the collective to strengthen our collaboration with our valued community partners. We are a chain of mutual support and ties that envelops our seniors in a secure and caring net. By taking part in this walk, we want to raise public awareness of the challenges faced by seniors and celebrate their invaluable contributions to our society. Together, we are the sum of our actions, and it is with enthusiasm that we commit ourselves to creating a better, more united future for all.”

François Grisé, Founder and Director of Un et un font mille, states: “We often hear that nothing can be done about the realities of seniors, but many of us are working to improve their situation every day. We invite seniors’ organizations in Quebec City and Montreal to participate with community members of all ages. Let’s get together, share our life-changing initiatives, and walk to show our pride in how far we’ve come for the well-being of seniors!”

Élie Belley-Pelletier, Executive Director of the Fondation AGES, adds: “We want to highlight and give a voice to organizations, nonprofits, citizens and action groups that work to promote the well-being of seniors. This walk gives them an opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and walk proudly with seniors in their communities. Together, we are creating a movement that celebrates our diversity and our ability to create social connections and shows our commitment to getting things done.”

How to participate

To participate in the march on October 1st, register using this short form. Registrants will receive information about the event via email.

Businesses, foundations, organizations and nonprofits are invited to walk together as a group and inspire each other in our commitment to seniors. Get your employees, members, volunteers and partners on board to create a powerful and inspiring movement. Register and receive a comprehensive toolkit to organize and maximize your impact.

Save the date!

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference. Walk with us on October 1st to support seniors and promote active and positive aging. Together, we can create a more cohesive and inclusive society.

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