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War in Ukraine: Mobilization for the Elderly, the Forgotten Ones of the Conflict 

True to its values and mission, Little Brothers is providing a $15,000 emergency fund to the Starenki Foundation to support its initiatives for seniors affected by the war in Ukraine.

While millions of people are over 60 in Ukraine, our organization and its large network of the International Federation of the Little Brothers of the Poor are calling attention to the situation of these seniors who are the forgotten ones and are mobilizing to provide them with support. 

In this manner, we wish to contribute to the relief of the Ukrainian elderly, whose dignity during the ordeal they are going through is admirable. 

The entire amount will be donated to the Starenki Foundation, a charitable organization recommended by the International Federation of the Little Brothers of the Poor, dedicated to helping isolated and vulnerable seniors in Ukraine. 

In the past, Little Brothers has offered emergency contributions to International Federation members facing disasters or other tragedies. This exceptional emergency contribution comes from internally generated surplus funds that the Little Brothers Foundation Board of Directors had put in reserve.

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