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Volunteering changes lives: happy volunteering week to all!

This week, we highlight the commitment of the women and men who allow Little Brothers to exist: our beautiful community of volunteers from all over Quebec!

This year’s theme is “Volunteering Changes Lives”. It carries a lot of meaning, because volunteering is fundamental to our society and to our communities.

Volunteering changes the lives of the volunteers themselves who donate their time and their hearts. Volunteering is also a source of daily pleasure: the richness of encounters, the beauty of shared moments and quite simply the pleasure of changing the lives of others, helping to build stronger communities and forging a better future. This is what motivates year after year nearly thousands of people across Quebec to get involved with Little Brothers.

Volunteering obviously changes the lives our Great Friends. Thanks to the investment of our formidable community of volunteers, we have been able to accomplish our mission for nearly 60 years to break the isolation of isolated seniors. A precious and above all essential gesture for those who need it most.

Finally, volunteering and getting involved in the cause of isolated seniors helps to positively change our society. Volunteer action is a powerful source of collective wealth.

Change a life, and change the world!

Volunteer with Little Brothers in your area and help us to create a better society: Complete the volunteer form.

Already part of our volunteer community? Thank you for being with us!

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