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Tribute to the Founder of Little Brothers, Armand Marquiset

On this French National Holiday, we would like to highlight Little Brothers’ beginnings, in France, just after World War II, thanks to one man’s passion: Armand Marquiset.

As a young man from a long line of aristocrats, Armand Marquiset took enjoyment in traveling and the simple pleasures of life. He was immediately struck by social inequalities and decided to devote his life to the most destitute members of society. He first came to the aid of artists in need, then to the lonely and destitute elderly after the war.

He then created The Little Brothers of the Poor in 1946, which he would develop throughout his life. The founder’s goal was to have his first collaborators help him, in his words, “spread love to fellow human beings.” In this case, to isolated and destitute seniors.

Today, Armand Marquiset’s legacy of kindness, love, and respect is still palpable. Little Brothers is present in 10 countries represented by the International Federation of the Little Brothers of the Poor and brightens the lives of more than 45,000 seniors in Québec and around the world.

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