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Photo hommage à Louisette Toupin

Tribute to a Great Lady from Thetford 

Little Brothers pays a vibrant tribute to an exceptional woman who, with the help of her spouse, launched the work of Little Brothers in the community of Thetford. For more than 15 years, Mrs. Louisette Toupin has been committed with heart and passion to the success of Little Brothers in her region. 

It was her husband, Gérald Toupin, who initiated the first contact with the head office in 1997. His dream came true in 2005. Together with his wife, Louisette Toupin, they began the process of forming a start-up committee that would lead to the establishment of Little Brothers in Thetford in 2006. Her husband passed away too soon, leaving Mrs. Toupin and her faithful team of volunteers with the mission of pursuing the work of the Little Brothers in Thetford.

Madame Toupin passed away on April 27, 2022 and the entire Little Brothers extended family is in mourning. Her contribution to our organization has been considerable throughout her involvement. 

Her Great Friends and the entire team of volunteers became her family whom she cherished with tenderness and exemplary dedication. 

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