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Benefits of Volunteering at Little Brothers

Our organization is wholeheartedly committed to improving the lives of isolated seniors, but at the same time, we never forget that our organization could not function without our volunteers. This is why we take good care of their satisfaction and personal well-being. 

Here are some of the benefits we offer:

  • flexibility of schedules;
  • sense of belonging to a social network and extended support system
  • tasks and assignments that match profile and personality; 
  • personalized training, guidance, and support;
  • choice of district or region; 
  • emphasis on fun and a sense of accomplishment;
  • recognition and appreciation of commitment;
  • sense of belonging to the Little Brothers extended family and community involvement; 
  • no experience or skills required (other than the ability to care, listen, and accept others as they are, in the moment).

Find the Volunteering Opportunity that is Right for You

Our Great Friends and our organization have many needs, and one of those needs may be just what you are looking to fulfill. You can make a commitment on a regular or occasional basis, depending on your availability and personal preference.

Photo of an elder receiving a bouquet of flowers from a volunteer.

Long-term Volunteering

Communicating regularly with a senior, being there for them at important times, caring about them, being involved in their life…that’s what pairing is all about. This is one of the most precious gifts you can give to a Great Friend.

Of course, this type of volunteer work requires a great deal of emotional involvement. But it’s probably also the type of work that will be more rewarding than you can even imagine.

Telephone pairing is a wonderful opportunity for remote volunteers who are good listeners and communicators or who live in areas not currently served by our regional teams.

If you have a flair for events, you can help us organize one of our events, or join one of our social committees: fundraising, birthday parties, picnics, etc.

Taking calls, data entry, file follow-up: we need your organizational and administrative skills.

Photo of a volunteer carrying gifts.

Occasional volunteering

Come and spend time with an elderly person to bring them a little warmth with your presence and your kind words. This is the best way to remind isolated elders that they matter and that they are not forgotten. 

Throughout the year, there are many occasions, birthdays, and milestones to celebrate. Deliver a few treats and get a big smile in return.  

Mobilize with our teams to carry out logistics, reception, or companionship during the major events that mark the year (Christmas, Easter, etc.).

We are looking for people who have a talent for music, singing, reading, or any other abilities they would like to share. Tell us about yourself!

Photo of four volunteers washing the boutique's windows.

Volunteer at Little Brothers Boutique (Montréal thrift store only)

Volunteering at Little Brothers Boutique means giving a new life to thrift store donations, participating in an ecological and socially responsible endeavor, while helping to finance activities that support socially isolated seniors. 

There are many volunteer activities available to you at our boutique situated at 1380 Gilford Street in Montréal. 

Receiving and sorting through donations.

Creating photo and video content for sales on digital platforms.

Displaying clothing, tidying up the store, etc.

Volunteering at Little Brothers also means being part of an extended family.

In accordance with the type of volunteering you choose and your availability, you will receive support and have access to personalized training sessions.

Our Great Friends are waiting for you and so are we. Contact us now.

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Photo of an elder raising her arms enthusiastically.

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