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Volunteering, a Vehicle for Change for Seniors and Those Who Support Them

There are many benefits to volunteering for the community, but also for the individuals who give their time. This commitment creates ties and maintains the social fabric necessary for society to remain healthy and to ensure that  no one gets left behind.

A group of elders sitting outside.

Benefits of social engagement for our Great Friends

  • Volunteering to keep vulnerable members of our society safe by witnessing and alerting authorities when necessary;
  • Volunteering to counter isolation, to be a comforting presence, to accompany with respect and kindness; 
  • Volunteering to strengthen the social skills of those who are not used to being supported anymore.

Benefits of social engagement for volunteers

  • Volunteering to foster connections and create new networks with people who share your values;
  • Volunteering to have fun and take pride in seeing the positive difference you can make.
And elder and his daughter at a event.
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What do Volunteers Have to Say?

The people involved in the Little Brothers’ cause share their experiences. They explain how their involvement changes the lives of others, but also, and most often, their own. 

Photo of a volunteer around a table.

A Volunteer Activity Tailored to You

There is a great need for volunteers, but specific needs may vary from one region to the next. If the Little Brothers’ cause resonates with you, you can certainly find a way to take action that fits your schedule and interests. Personalized companionship, phone calls to seniors, administration, communication, reception,… there are plenty of opportunities.

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