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Why join the Little Brothers extended family?

To join Little Brothers is to immediately become part of a big, welcoming family. It means benefitting from the reassuring support of a team and trained volunteers. It means meeting people you trust and participating in activities with them. Above all, it means feeling listened to, morally supported, and comforted in times of need.

Thanks to the contribution of donors and volunteers, Little Brothers is able to offer you personalized support at no cost.

Joining our family is ensuring you will always have someone you can trust close by. In other words, you will never be alone again.

Group photo.
Photo of an elder making a heart sign with her hands.

How to become part of the Little Brothers extended family

Regardless of your social or your economic situation, and your physical or psychological health, we can provide companionship for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are 75 years of age or older;
  • You live in Québec;
  • You have few social contacts;
  • You feel lonely and socially-isolated;
  • You have no significant emotional connection to your family or immediate circle.

Support created for you

Based on our experience with seniors since 1962, we use a varied and personalized approach, focussing on the benefits of meaningful human relationships. The people we accompany are affectionately referred to as our Great Friends and we are attentive to their needs.

 Here are some examples of what we offer:

Pairing with a volunteer

Photo of an elder and a volunteer smiling together.

From the first contact with one of our volunteers, a bond of trust will be established and you will quickly feel understood, embraced, and respected. Whether it’s just chatting over coffee, playing games, reading to each other, or getting some fresh air, our volunteers are happy to share a moment with you.


Photo of a senior surrounded by two warm volunteers.

Little Brothers volunteers love to visit! They make nearly 15,000 visits to our Great Friends annually. To meet them, volunteers travel tens of thousands of kilometers each year, sometimes with little surprise gifts. Whether you live at home, in a retirement home, in a CHSLD or a hospital, we will come to meet you.

Telephone pairing service

Photo of a senior who appears to be video calling on her smart phone.

No matter where you live in Québec, you can connect with our volunteers through our support line. Depending on your needs, you will receive phone calls from a volunteer a few times a month. This relationship is based on the volunteer’s desire to get to know you, to lend a compassionate non judgmental ear, and to have a fun and simple conversation.

Vacations and outings

Photo of a group of seniors on benches outside.

Enjoy a vacation getaway and stay at the Domaine Juliette-Huot, in Oka, or at the Maison du Lac Saint-Joseph, in the Québec City area. You will be able to get some fresh air, meet some new people, and spend a few days with our volunteers. What’s on the agenda? Savoring the peace and quiet and enjoying the many activities offered whether you are mobile or in a wheelchair. A great way to create unforgettable memories!

Parties and birthdays

Photo of a dinner at a Little Brothers event.

At Little Brothers, we think of you on your birthday as well as on other occasions that are important to you. We celebrate Christmas and Easter, but also October 1st, the International Day of Older Persons. These traditional holidays are important and should be celebrated in good company.

Want to know more?

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In person

Little Brothers offices are physically located in 12 regions throughout Québec. Our houses and premises are welcoming and adapted to people with reduced mobility. 

Before you visit your regional office, check to see if it is open.

By phone

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