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Photo of a senior posing for the camera.

Our Great Friends at a Glance

Here are some figures to provide a brief portrait of the seniors we accompany.

84 years

is the average age


are centenarians

3 out of 4

are women

Types of Companionship

74 %

are paired with a volunteer;

21 %

no longer go out at all and require home visits;

39 %

go on outings accompanied by volunteers.

Living Situations

44 %

at home;

34 %

in retirement homes;

13 %

in long term care;

6 %

use intermediate care facilities.

Elder woman
Elder man
Elder woman

Our Great Friends’ reality

62% have been in a relationship and are now widowed or separated

27% are referred to us by social workers or other resources

23% have cognitive impairments

Centenarian celebrating his birthday with a cake.

Living past 100 in good company

According to the Institut de la statistique du Québec, there were nearly 1,700 centenarians in Quebec in 2017, almost 1,000 more than in 2001, and this exceptional longevity will continue to increase in the years to come.

At Little Brothers, we are honoured to have several elders in our midst who have passed the 100 year mark. Every day, we pay tribute to our centenarians who reveal some of their secrets to longevity through their life experiences.


« I have had a very active and stimulating life. When I was diagnosed with macular degeneration a few years ago, my life changed. Losing my sight was a tragedy for me and I became depressed. My outings became limited, I felt I had nothing left in front of me and I was discouraged. Loneliness is terrible. Meeting Little Brothers has been a sweet balm. Today  I am happy, because now I have  friends. » 

Mrs. Gagné, Elder Friend

«Dear Sylvie from Little Brothers, when you call me to invite me to go to lunch or dinner at the Little Brothers house, it makes me feel good and it makes me happy to see the other Great Friends. I feel at home in this beautiful house on rue Garnier and I always have a great time dancing and singing. Giving me the two shirts, the suit, and the shoes was the nicest gift. Thanks to you, I was proud to show up at Christmas dinner. »

Mr. Richard, Elder Friend

« When I was hospitalized after a bad fall, the care of Little Brothers really helped me heal. In addition to the visits of a volunteer who brightened my days, they took the time to bring me the necessary toiletries to make me feel better. They really lifted my spirits.»

Mrs. Asselin Alger, Elder Friend

How to become part of the Little Brothers extended family?

Regardless of their social condition, their economic situation, and their physical or psychological health, we accompany all seniors who are :

  • 75 years of age or older;
  • Québec residents;
  • socially-isolated or victims of exclusion;
  • vulnerable and frail;
  • without significant emotional ties to their family or immediate circle.

If you are in this situation or know a senior who could benefit from our support, contact us now: 1 866 627-8653

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