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Little Brothers Provides Companionship for ALL Seniors

Little Brothers has chosen to offer a true family to those we call our Great Friends and to accompany them with dignity, solidarity, and kindness until the end of their lives. It is not about being blood relatives, but about considering them as real family members. They can rely on us.

A brief portrait of our Great Friends

Get to know them

Photo of a senior looking outside through an open door.

The people we look after range in age from 75 to over 100. The majority live at home or in residential facilities for seniors. Their level of autonomy as well as their life course varies greatly.

Real Life Stories

And elder holding his arm around a young woman. They're both smiling.

Each person we accompany has multiple stories to tell and a unique life journey to share with us. Their testimonials are one of the best ways to discover their rich history and to remember them.

Risk Factors Affecting seniors

Photo of a senior in a wheelchair in a park.

Many seniors live alone, have few interpersonal contacts and are faced with vulnerability factors that contribute to or significantly increase their risk of isolation.

Photo of an elder receiving a bag.

Little Brothers are here for you!

A caring extended family in your neighbourhood to alleviate the social isolation of seniors who live alone.

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