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The Importance of a Reliable and Solid Support Network

Old age brings changes that are sometimes difficult to overcome: the loss of a spouse or significant other is a painful experience that is all the more difficult to live through without the support of loved ones. Other challenges such as illness, leaving the family home, moving to a senior care facility, and physical weakness are all important stages when support is much needed.

Little Brothers is increasing its vigilance and striving to further strengthen their work with elderly people over 75. It is crucial to be able to identify seniors in vulnerable situations in order to report them and to support them. It is the best way to help them meet the challenges of old age.

 Here are the risk factors that deserve our attention: 

  • self-esteem;
  • level of social interaction;
  • medical needs;
  • mental and cognitive health;
  • mobility and personal hygiene;
  • preparation of meals;
  • safe and responsive living environment; 
  • possible support from family members.

How We Support Seniors Struggling with Solitude on a Daily Basis

As people age, they can experience different, and by times severe, forms of vulnerability. Through their expertise and the strength of their network, Little Brothers is committed to meeting each of their needs and to supporting them until the last moments of their lives.

Photo of a senior with an attendant.

Companionship in Daily Life and Heartwarming Visits

Little Brothers is committed to helping seniors remain in their own homes, a familiar environment, for as long as possible. In many cases, this helpful and reassuring presence can delay or even bypass the need for hospitalization or placement in a special care home.

Little Brothers help support their Great Friends by assisting them with routine or specific tasks so that they may stay in their own homes, but also with difficult decisions such as choosing between staying at home and moving to a retirement home.

When they have to move to a more suitable residence, volunteers continue to visit, providing human contact that brings warmth and joy.

The Benefits of the Wellness Program

In Quebec, it is estimated that one in two seniors lives on less than $20,000 per year. Some people cannot afford to buy the adaptive equipment that would improve their daily life.

It’s hard to imagine a senior having an active social life with ill-fitting dentures, a non-functioning hearing aid, or glasses that no longer correspond to their vision. Finding a simple solution to these problems can sometimes be enough for our Great Friends to connect with others.

Little Brothers’ Wellness Program contributes to the well-being of seniors in a concrete way by allowing them to purchase goods that improve their everyday life: glasses, prosthesis, hearing or dental aids, a wheelchair, a mechanical bed, an air conditioner, appliances, etc.

Photo of an elder in conversation.

« I want to express my gratitude to Little Brothers for getting a four-wheel scooter. It allowed me to resume a semblance of normal life and I am forever grateful to you. Thank you for your quick response and your great humanity. »

Mr. Jubinville, Elder Friend who benefited from the 2021 Wellness Program

Enhanced Support for Major Disorders

Little Brothers also provides enhanced support for elderly persons with complex and severe disorders. Regardless of their physical or cognitive condition, Little Brothers has the expertise and ability to accompany them in the best way possible, as long as necessary.

Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline

Little Brothers offers training for volunteers to provide appropriate support for people living with cognitive disabilities. It brings together initiatives designed to maintain skills, keep senses alert, and foster connections, regardless of the physical and intellectual abilities of their Great Friends.

Complex health disorders

Our advisory committee has developed worksheets and activity kits to provide tools for volunteers who support our Great Friends living with complex disorders. These resources allow seniors to be accompanied with dignity and respect. 

End-of-life commitment

Little Brothers is committed to being present until the end of our Great Friends’ lives. They provide calmness and serenity, ensuring that an elder’s last wishes are respected and that their life is remembered. They may also provide a final resting place in one of the cemetery plots owned by the organization.

Photo of an elder with a hand on her shoulder. She also has an oxygen tube under her nose.

We offer several personalized and complementary approaches. Learn more about them!

Photo of a senior dancing in a park.

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