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Photo of a senior looking up at the sky through her window filled with flower pots.

The Importance of Celebrating and Realizing your Dreams

At any age, life’s small joys keep sadness and boredom at bay. Receiving a flower, sharing a good meal, going on vacation, listening to music, enjoying a piece of chocolate, or having a conversation are all simple pleasures to which the elderly have every right.

Our Great Friends enrich our society with their memories, their experiences and their simple presence. They share their wisdom, make us reflect on the simplicity of things, and give time its full meaning. 

For all these gifts, we must show gratefulness, celebrate our elders, and allow them to have a rich and rewarding life. 

Celebrating important moments

Through vacation getaways, end of year events, birthdays, and even deaths, Little Brothers’ extended family celebrates together. 


On December 24 and 25, an army of kind-hearted volunteers goes from door to door to take seniors to a festive meal organized by their local Little Brothers. It’s a great opportunity to dance, laugh and share stories with the many volunteers who participate in this special event.

For seniors who are unable to leave their homes, volunteers make phone calls and visits, providing the presence, attention and human warmth they so desperately need.

« For 27 years, I sang in choirs during the holidays with my husband, Gérard. Then, my husband was taken by an aneurysm and this time of year took on a new twist. Today, I am fortunate to be able to count on Marjolaine, with whom I was paired by Little Brothers. She has come to visit me every Christmas since then.»

Marie-Thérèse, centenarian and Great Friend since 2011


Easter is an important holiday to many of the seniors we support and it is one more opportunity to remind them that we are thinking of them. Spring activities take place everywhere and the atmosphere is joyful.

« I immediately liked everything that the organization offers as well as its spirit. I noticed how much true benevolence there was among people, perhaps even more than in some religious communities. I have become a part of Little Brothers through attending meals on rue Garnier, celebrating Christmas and Easter, and going to Oka on vacation. Each time, we feel so welcomed!»

Madame Ricard, Great Friend


To mark this important date in everyone’s life, our Great Friends always receive a visit or phone call and deliveries of cards and sweets.

Whenever possible, we also invite them to celebrate their birthday with volunteers and other Great Friends in their area who share the same birthday month or to blow out the candles on a cake at their place of residence.



Seniors have as much need as younger people for vacations and getaways outside their home environment. Thus, at certain times of the year, Little Brothers offers them opportunities to pack their bags and have a good time. On the agenda: food, games, activities, fun and relaxation!

The Domaine Juliette-Huot, in Oka, and the Chalet Paul-Garneau on Lac Saint-Joseph, in the Quebec City area, are fully adapted to accommodate seniors with reduced mobility and facilitate their ease of movement in these enchanting places.

The fresh air, the warm atmosphere and the volunteer’s attention have a positive impact on their health and morale.

A Dream Come True

Like many of us, the Great Friends that we frequent also aspire to see their lifelong dream come true. It is a source of joy and hope. 

In this regard, thanks to the Senior’s Wish Program, our staff and volunteers work hard to make our Great Friends’ dreams come true. These may be simple desires such as going to dinner at a Little Brother’s house in another region or attending a concert from the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal. But sometimes our Great Friends also like to think big: a visit to their native region, a meal in a fancy restaurant, camping in a trailer, a hockey game, a meeting with their favourite star, a night at the opera, and sometimes much more. After all, a dream must be wonderful!

These small moments of great happiness are made possible thanks to our donors, our volunteers and our partners who believe, as we do, that it is possible to dream at any age.

« Celebrating my 88th birthday in Paris is better than anything I could have dreamed about.»

Mrs. Decelles, Elder Friend, who saw her dream to visit the City of Lights come true 

We offer several personalized and complementary approaches. Discover them!

An elder and a volunteer smiling for the camera while holding a poinsettia.

Because each companionship is unique

Little Brothers volunteers adapt to the needs of each person they serve. When you support Little Brothers, you help many seniors experience the joy of not feeling alone anymore. 

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