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Our Commitments to Seniors

Little Brothers has been caring for socially-isolated seniors since 1962. No matter how they arrive at our doorstep—whether by themselves or after a referral—once they are introduced to our family, they will be a part of it for the rest of their lives.

3 Promises to Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly

Provide a presence until the end

Photo of an elder holding a pair of hands in hers.

At Little Brothers, we believe in the unique value of all humans, regardless of their condition. We also believe in the positive effects of meaningful relationships on physical and mental health. Therefore, when an isolated senior enters our large family, they will be a part of it until the end of their life.

Take action to counter social isolation

Photo of an elder and a young woman with disposable masks. They both put a hand against the window that separates them.

Through our actions, we reestablish social ties, allowing isolated elders to find meaning in their lives again. We empower them to share positive experiences, to make their own choices, to have dreams and to realize those dreams, to envision the future, and, especially, to find joy.

Speak up for seniors

A photo of a young woman. The focus is on a studio microphone directly in front of her.

Through our expertise and our actions, we are working to change society’s perception of the elderly. We testify to the unacceptable situations we encounter. We alert the public authorities about the need to take action. We promote civic engagement and propose new answers to long-standing problems.

“I was in the darkness, feeling lost. Then, Little Brothers came into my life, I had found a family again. They told me: ‘Mrs. Malouin, we will be there for you, until the end.’ That! That was amazing! They saved my life!”

Mrs. Malouin, Elder Friend from Québec city
Photo of a man's hand and a woman's hand forming a heart together.

In order to fully meet these commitments, Little Brothers needs your support, through donations or volunteering.

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