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The Pillars of Our Mission

The thousands of compassionate and thoughtful volunteers who get involved with Little Brothers each year make up the support network that prevents some of our seniors from falling into profound solitude and isolation. Without their dedication, our organization would simply not be able to provide services for the thousands of seniors we accompany every year.

Our Volunteers’ Profile


volunteers gave their time this year


new recruits


people involved in phone pairing

52 years old

average age

75 %

are women

Photo of an older couple.
Photo of an elder and a volunteer.
Photo of an elder and a young woman.


9 %

in school

31 %

in the workforce

23 %


Photo of an elder with a volunteer.
Photo of a senior with a volunteer.
Photo of an elder with a volunteer.

Annual Commitment


hours of training per volunteer, on average


hours of involvement in total


years of commitment, on average

94 %

satisfaction rate of volunteers regarding their experience with Little Brothers

Photo of a senior with an attendant.

Would you like to get involved? Does the isolation of seniors concern you?  Your local Little Brothers needs you.

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