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Our Volunteers: The Pillars of Our Action and the Heart of Our Family

It is thanks to our volunteers that we are able to provide companionship for so many seniors each year. Their smiles, their kind gestures, their compassion, and the time they dedicate to the organization make a huge difference in the lives of our Great Friends. They are always there to accompany them to parties, drive them to activities, make a friendly phone call, pair with them, visit them, go on vacation with them for a few days, or celebrate their birthdays.

A sincere thank you to these dedicated and warmhearted people for their availability, their support, their generosity, their know-how, and the love they have for our mission.

The Faces of Little Brothers

Group photo outdoors.

Our volunteers are important faces of our cause. They come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share the same desire to make a difference in the lives of the lonely seniors around them.

Recognition Awards 

Group photo at an event.

At Little Brothers, volunteers are honored. At many points throughout the year, we recognize their exemplary commitment.

The Tribute Wall

Photo of an elder with a young man.

We share inspiring stories about our volunteers’ experiences and highlight remarkable acts of generosity towards isolated seniors.

Portrait of Gaétane, a volunteer.

« I love what I do. Older people are always happy to learn. And if you only knew how much they have to say! They are real walking libraries, it’s incredible! It nourishes me and brings me a lot of happiness. »

Gaétane, volunteer 

Meet the volunteers

Discover volunteering through real-life stories of support, complicity and friendship. Let yourself be carried away by the world of “Traits d’union” and see how this gift of self can change a life (or two).

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