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On November 28, change the lives of isolated seniors

Do you dream, like us, of an age-friendly society? For Giving Tuesday on November 28, join our great chain of solidarity! Offer seniors living alone a meaningful and lasting presence that gives them a new lease on life.

Our population is aging. By 2030, 1.1 million people will be aged 75 or over, and 220,000 elderly people will suffer from isolation. From now on, you can work alongside us to prevent this situation.

Since 1962, it’s thanks to the kindness of people like you that Little Brothers have been working to counter the isolation of Quebec’s seniors. Whatever their physical or cognitive condition, we provide a free presence and build lasting, caring relationships.

This presence is changing the lives of a growing number of seniors living alone. Joining a stable, reassuring network brings emotional, physical and mental benefits. It also enables them to maintain a social role.

Thanks to your generosity, volunteers are trained to provide support. Links are forged between volunteers and Great Friends. Together, we offer dignity and happiness! Together, we offer joie de vivre and happy memories. Together, we accompany 2,685 seniors and put an end to their isolation.

2 x more love for the isolated seniors

This November 28, how about giving twice as much love to isolated seniors? On Giving Tuesday, you can change lives.

Once again this year, the Luc Maurice Foundation will match your donation up to a maximum of $50,000. Thanks to matching gifts, each amount is doubled, so the impact of your generosity is doubled.

Thank you for brightening the lives of isolated seniors!

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