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Little Brothers reconnect with the tradition of holiday meals after more than two years of pandemic

It is with joy and excitement that the entire Little Brothers family is preparing for the return of the holiday meals, which will take place in a dozen regions of Quebec. This annual tradition was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to pandemic restrictions. On December 24 and 25, an army of big-hearted volunteers will be knocking on the doors of seniors to take them to a festive meal organized by the local Little Brothers team.

Marie-Thérèse, a Great Friend who has celebrated Christmas with the Little Brothers since 2014, was impatiently awaiting this return. “This year, I turned 101! “, she said in a good mood. “I am lucky to be able to count on Marjolaine, with whom I was paired by the Little Brothers. We met eight years ago, and we immediately liked each other. I wish all seniors who live alone and isolated to have this chance. »

Many socializing activities as well as deliveries of gifts and little treats are also organized by the Little Brothers  in December. If some seniors cannot leave their homes, volunteers call them, visit them and provide them with the presence, listening and human warmth they so desperately need.

For 60 years, the organization has pursued its mission of countering the isolation of elderly people until the end of life. Throughout Quebec, the organization accompanies and illuminates the daily lives of nearly 2,300 seniors living alone through 2,900 volunteers who give their time over the years. The Little Brothers are also present throughout the province thanks to telephone matching.

500 seniors waiting for a meaningful match

In Quebec, one in five seniors has no loved ones to rely on. Only at Little Brothers, more than 500 people aged 75 and over, who no longer have ties with their family or close entourage, are waiting for a meaningful and lasting twinning relationship.

December being conducive to sharing and generosity, Les Petits Frères are delighted that people want to offer time or donations to the most vulnerable. Each year, thanks to the support of the population, the Little Brothers do a thousand and one things to make the end-of-year celebrations really special and less lonely for the seniors they accompany.

People who wish to meet a Great Friend or a Great Friend in 2023 are invited to complete the recruitment form. Each online donation contributes to more isolated seniors being surrounded by a loving and faithful family.


“I was lucky to have my mother until she was 102 years old with me. She had a well-supported old age, and we were able to share wonderful moments with her, until the end. Today, I can’t help but think of the elders who have no one left, and this further strengthens my desire to engage with them. We all have the responsibility to take care of them and accompany them until the end of their days. — Marie-Thérèse Fortin, actress and Little Brothers spokesperson since 2017

“More than 55,000 elderly people are currently living in isolation in Quebec. You know, spending whole days and weeks alone between four walls is a real pain, and the number of people in this situation continues to increase. The Little Brothers are more than ever looking for volunteers and donations to concretely and sustainably change lives. — Caroline Sauriol, Executive Director of the Little Brothers Foundation

“A large number of seniors have not yet been matched with volunteers, and they are eager to meet someone they trust. I therefore invite people who wish to get involved to register on our website. We currently need 500 new volunteers whom we would be happy to welcome at the start of the year to join our teams located throughout Quebec. — Martin Goyette, Executive Director of the Little Brothers Corporation

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