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My Great Friend Bonnie and I on the run

Mrs. Sheffer, Great Friend of the Little Brothers, cherished the wish to ride hair in the wind in a convertible. It was on a beautiful summer day, as she wished, that she was able to take advantage of this moment of freedom in the company of her twin volunteer, Louise.

Louise tells us about this happy moment shared with her Great Friend: “I offered to pick her up in a convertible sports car. She immediately accepted my invitation. The temperature was idyllic that day, it looked promising. A summer light sprang from everywhere, like a screen of plenitude in front of us. We drove off and Mrs. Sheffer let her hair down. The wind caressed her face and her well-being was palpable. As if suddenly, she had regained her 30 years and her memories of youth. She was beautiful. I remember being very moved to watch it. She also taught me a new word in English that day: “gallivanting”. That’s exactly it… We walked around leaving our worries behind for a moment. We were light and we had the heart to laugh. It was magical, for me and for her. »

Who said that it was only for young people to go on an adventure? Like all of us, our Great Friends and our Great Friends wish to realize the dreams that have lived in their minds throughout their lives.

Thank you to Louise and Geneviève Dargis, coordinator of the team Near you, for organizing this special event in the life of our Great Friend!

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