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My First Vacation with Little Brothers

“What a pleasure to discover that I will be travelling to Oka. The trip with the Little Brothers bus is very pleasant. We arrive and I discover a magnificent house surrounded by trees on the edge of a lake. How quiet it is here compared to the bustle of Montréal! A pretty and well-decorated room awaits me on the second floor.

A first meal and discovery of the excellent food prepared by Théona, our cook. We are also able to taste Pauline’s famous pancakes, our volunteer in charge, who prepared a special lunch.

Many activities are available to us. First, the magician and his dog Virgule. In the evening, Fernand and his music are there to make us sing and dance. The next day, tai-chi, crafts, and pocket games in the sun to allow us to meet new friends while having fun.

On the last day, I receive a well-framed diploma for my participation, and I am proud of it. A few pictures are taken and we leave this magnificent house. I know I will go back.

A warm thank you to all the volunteers for their dedication and friendship. I enjoyed everything and it really made me feel good.”

Mrs. Raymond, elder Friend

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