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Photo d'une aînée et de deux amies.

An Elder Friend and Her Companion Talk about Little Brothers

“Being part of Little Brothers means a lot to me because I don’t have a family,” says Mrs. Kacha, an Elder Friend. “I am very grateful to them. In a way, joining Little Brothers made me realize that there was still good in people. My relationship with Josie is much more than love. There is something that happens when we are together. She is like the spice of my daily life.” 

From her perspective, Josie Cioffi, a volunteer at Little Brothers, is very moved by this relationship: “I don’t consider it volunteering anymore. For me, Mrs. Kacha is an integral part of my family. Our relationship is really rewarding and brings me a lot of joy every day. Thanks to her, I realized that it takes a whole village to get by and she is from the same village as me. Despite our age difference, we have a lot in common. She is also very maternal and acts like a grandmother to me. It’s a truly beautiful friendship and I just love it!” 

Both agree on the importance of Little Brothers: “It would be great if we could make more people aware of this organization and let them know that this type of support is not only rewarding for the senior, but also for the volunteer who gets involved and gives their time.”

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