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A Special 100th Birthday

July 30, 2021 was a big day for Marie-Thérèse Dupuis Dostie as it was her 100th birthday celebration! 

Born a century ago in St-Barthélémy, 14th of a family of 15 children, Mrs. Dupuis Dostie is an exceptional person who has dedicated her life to service! A nurse for 45 years, she also took care of the blind for 49 years.  

She has always been active, even after her retirement in 1986. An artist at heart, she paints, attends art shows, and plays the violin. She is a lively person who is interested in everything! 

The Little Brothers of Montréal family gathered on Friday, July 30, to pay tribute to the longevity, creativity, generosity, and intelligence of an exceptional woman who lived through so many eras and events in her lifetime. What a joy to see so many people gathered to wish her a happy birthday!

A very beautiful evening that would not have been possible without the commitment of Marjolaine Galarneau, who has accompanied her for many years. It was a great moment of shared happiness, as evidenced by the eyes of Mrs. Dupuis Dostie throughout this touching event. 

Justin Trudeau, François Legault, Mélanie Joly, and Marie Montpetit did not fail to send her certificates and letters of congratulations! All the people in her retirement home also joined in this tribute by offering her a beautiful card to congratulate her and show their love.  

Not everyone can reach 100 years of age and we are privileged to have her as part of the Little Brothers family. Happy birthday again, Mrs. Dupuis Dostie!

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