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Oh Happy Days

Happiness can sometimes be found in the simplest of moments. That’s what Huguette, a Great Friend on the Little Brothers Basses-Laurentides team, taught us on a beautiful summer’s day at Domaine Juliette Huot in Oka. That day, Huguette sang, danced and laughed with her favorite volunteers. A day that may seem simple, but was unexpected … Continued

A special flight for Mr Graham

Thanks to the Seniors Wish program, Mr. Graham was able to realize a dream that was very dear to him: to fly over the city of Montreal. A unique experience designed to bring him joy and restore his hope. A place where he could live out his last wishes to the full. It is in … Continued

My Great Friend Bonnie and I on the run

Mrs. Sheffer, Great Friend of the Little Brothers, cherished the wish to ride hair in the wind in a convertible. It was on a beautiful summer day, as she wished, that she was able to take advantage of this moment of freedom in the company of her twin volunteer, Louise. Louise tells us about this … Continued

Mrs. Newby and Sophia Xue’s story

Sophia (Volunteer) and Mrs. Maureen Newby (Elder Friend) met for the first time in July 2021 and their relationship clicked right away. Yet this type of volunteering was new to Sophia and she would never have considered it if it weren’t for her awareness of the sad reality of isolated seniors. “I didn’t pay much … Continued

An Elder Friend and Her Companion Talk about Little Brothers

“Being part of Little Brothers means a lot to me because I don’t have a family,” says Mrs. Kacha, an Elder Friend. “I am very grateful to them. In a way, joining Little Brothers made me realize that there was still good in people. My relationship with Josie is much more than love. There is … Continued

My First Vacation with Little Brothers

“What a pleasure to discover that I will be travelling to Oka. The trip with the Little Brothers bus is very pleasant. We arrive and I discover a magnificent house surrounded by trees on the edge of a lake. How quiet it is here compared to the bustle of Montréal! A pretty and well-decorated room … Continued

A Special 100th Birthday

July 30, 2021 was a big day for Marie-Thérèse Dupuis Dostie as it was her 100th birthday celebration!  Born a century ago in St-Barthélémy, 14th of a family of 15 children, Mrs. Dupuis Dostie is an exceptional person who has dedicated her life to service! A nurse for 45 years, she also took care of … Continued

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