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International Widows’ Day: Little Brothers alongside Their Great Friends Who Live Alone

On this International Widows’ Day, Little Brothers is privileged to make a difference in the lives of our Great Friends who live alone. 

As Mrs. Tremblay, a senior supported by Little Brothers, explains, it is important to have a stable network to lean on to get through these difficult times: 

“The death of my husband was terrible for me. This man was not only my husband: he was my faithful companion and confidante for 65 years, my only family. When he passed away, I found myself completely alone and lost the will to live. Then, one fine spring day, Little Brothers came into my life. No one will ever replace my Maurice, that’s true. But thanks to Little Brothers, I found a new family! I feel listened to, respected, and, above all, I don’t feel alone anymore. I have regained a taste for life. Thank you!”  

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