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Giving Tuesday is just around the corner and you can change the lives of isolated seniors

On the occasion of the international generosity movement “Giving Tuesday”, you can be proud of your interest in the cause of isolated seniors.

People like you ensure that those who live out their old days in solitude will enjoy a well-supported old age. Little Brothers is the only organization that supports these vulnerable elderly people until the end of their lives. Together, it is possible to offer them the love of a family.

Good news! Once again this year, the Luc Maurice Foundation is committed to matching every donation you make on Giving Tuesday.* The impact of your generosity will be doubled.

Thank you for making a difference in their lives!

*Up to a maximum total amount of $50,000 for the entire Giving Tuesday campaign of the Little Brothers Foundation.

Discover the inspiring testimony of Ms. Malouin, Elder Friend from Quebec City

“I was in the darkness, feeling lost. Then, Little Brothers came into my life, I had found a family again. They told me: ‘Mrs. Malouin, we will be there for you, until the end.’ That! That was amazing! They saved my life!”

Mrs. Malouin, Elder Friend from Québec city

Discover all the actions made possible thanks to you: each donation contributes to our entire mission

1. Together, we provide a regular presence

Thanks to you, isolated elders are paired with volunteers, who offer a presence, through visits and phone calls. Each elderly person feels that they matter to someone again, which gives them confidence in life. Your donation changes the lives of elderly men and women who, without you, would have no one to count on.

2. Together, we care for 2,685 seniors

Thanks to your generosity, companionship is being deployed in 12 regions of Quebec. More than 3,000 people are trained and coached throughout the year to offer a lasting presence to the isolated seniors who are part of our big family. These constant efforts to recruit and train volunteers would not be possible without you.

3. Together, we celebrate the big moments

Your kindness also allows us to highlight the big moments in life, such as birthdays and the holiday season. Thanks to you, each elderly person rediscovers the joy of being part of the great celebrations of which isolation had deprived them. You make them feel special, unique and loved.

4. Together, we create ”joie de vivre”

Each donation also contributes to the organization of joyful and unifying group activities, such as coffee desserts. New friendships are created, confidence in life is regained for those who no longer had loved ones to count on. The joyful anticipation of the next activity, the happy memories of the previous one, fuel their daily life with joy. You bring them ”joie de vivre”!

5. Together, we create happy memories

Your generosity towards isolated seniors also allows them to benefit from free outings or a stay in one of the Little Brothers’ vacation homes. Contact with nature, good home-cooked meals and good company bring them happiness. Many elderly people would remain locked in their homes without your kindness.

Photo d'une main d'homme et d'une main de femme qui forme un coeur ensemble.

2 x more love for the isolated seniors

On the occasion of Giving Tuesday, the Luc Maurice Foundation will match your donation up to a maximum of $50,000 for the entire campaign.

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