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Creating Your Fundraiser is Quick and Easy

Organizing a fundraiser is a great way to help Little Brothers and isolated seniors. All you have to do is rally your friends, colleagues and family around a special event and encourage them to make a donation.

Photo of a man holding a card reading "Thank you, $13,562" in front of the Jean-Besré house in Sherbrooke.
Photo of an elderly man at an event. He is accompanied by a young woman. They proudly show off their little brothers temporary tattoo.
Photo of seniors and companions wearing medals at an event in a park.

Ideas for Creating Your Own Personalized Fundraiser


Photo of a table covered in chunky vintage glasses and party hats.

Take advantage of your next birthday to support a good cause. Organize a fundraiser and ask your friends and family to make a donation to the Little Brothers Foundation.


Photo of a memorial covered with words, letters, flowers and candles.

Organize a fundraiser in memory of a departed loved one or senior and honour them in a beautiful way.

Sports Challenge

Photo of a young woman running. The focus is on her smartwatch.

Marathon, bike race, or swimming competition? Choose the activity that suits you and challenge those around you. A good move for your health and a good deed, all rolled into one.

Family Gathering

Photo of a family diner.

Gather family and friends for a brunch, a dinner, a cocktail party or an evening get-together to support our mission with a donation.

Customized Event

Photo of trays of individual servings of desserts. Cupcakes topped with glazed fruit, a small pink square rolled in coconut and mini charlottes.

Want to organize a special event and do a good deed at the same time? Choose your theme and get started on this great initiative.

Need Help? Discover Our Tips and Advice

Getting a fundraiser started may seem a little complicated at first, but it’s much easier than it sounds. Here are a few tips that can help you with your fundraising project:

  1. Explain why this project is important to you: Write a message to your close relatives to explain why you are involved in and what your goal is. This will motivate people to support your project by making a donation and sharing it.
  2. Lead by example: It’s best to make the first donation on your page yourself. This will also serve as a reference for your friends and family, so don’t hesitate to be generous!
  3. Share your project in two parts: Start by telling your family and friends about your fundraising plans. It is your close circle that will be the easiest to solicit at first. Once you have raised significant funds, expand your target by reaching out to your co-workers and other contacts. Prepare personalized emails to better engage the people you contact. Don’t be shy –  you are doing a good thing!
  4. Exploit the power of social media: Post your fundraiser several times, to encourage your contacts to contribute to your project, but also to thank those who have already donated by tagging them and inviting them to share your publication. This can create a real snowball effect and increase your fundraising.
  5. Thank your donors and keep them informed: Keep your supporters informed and thank them as your project evolves. When the fundraiser is over, take the time to write a thank-you email to them and share your results.

Need some inspiration? Contact Us

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Any questions? We are here for you!

Contact Pascal Fournier, Director of Strategic Partnerships; he will gladly answer all your questions.

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