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Join an important cause that is facing increasing challenges as our population ages

Getting involved with Little Brothers helps build a stronger social network for seniors and alleviate their loneliness. There are many ways for companies to support our cause. 

Get involved with us and promote your company’s values! 

Photo of three women are seated in order of age.
Photo of a woman with a chic blouse posing with an elder.

Corporate Donation to Little Brothers

A donation to Little Brothers is an opportunity to stand out and take concrete action to improve the lives of elders. By supporting the organization, you are showing your solidarity and desire to build a more equitable society.

Donation Matching

Thanks to a donation matching program, your company can join forces with its employees to give more generously. By matching or doubling the contributions from an employee or company fundraiser, or a direct mail campaign, you are showing your peers that you care about seniors. 

Partnerships and Marketing Initiatives

Make a positive contribution to your brand by raising funds for the cause of isolated seniors. A win-win partnership!

Involve your customers and suppliers in our mission and give the Little Brothers Foundation an amount for each sale of your products or services, for example.

Photo Louis Garneau in a group. A Garneau brand bicycle is in the foreground.
Photo of Mrs. Dupuis-Dostie, centenarian, in a photo including members of the High Five organization.

Dedicated Donations: Support a Program or a Specific Team

Your donation will help us set up programs and support our teams throughout Québec working to counter the isolation of lonely seniors. Through its programs, the organization builds a family around our Great Friends.

How to contribute?

  • Fund a particular program that matches your interests;
  • Support the development of a regional team;
  • Offer adapted equipment or accessories that meet the needs of seniors and improve their daily lives; 
  • Enable them to go on holiday or to make their big and small dreams come true.

Donation of goods and services

Help us improve our Great Friends’ quality of life by offering us products or services that could help us reduce our operating costs.

Donation of gifts for celebrations

The loneliness felt by isolated seniors is even more acute on major holidays. Make our Great Friends’ eyes sparkle by donating goods, gift cards, tickets to shows or outings, flowers, or any other little gifts to show that you care. 

Donations of building materials and household supplies

Given that Little Brothers is present in 15 locations across Québec, the maintenance of our homes and facilities is a real financial challenge. Your company can become a partner and help us with these costs. It is an effective way to ensure that our Great Friends have access to a warm and safe place.

Gift card donations

Our volunteers drive around in their personal cars to make visits, offer time and sometimes even deliver little gifts at their own expense. Gift cards or vouchers for restaurants, cafes, activities or gas stations are perfect for any occasion. It is a wonderful way for our volunteers to make our Great Friends feel special.

Donating goods to the Boutique

Little Brothers Boutique in Montréal is always happy to receive donations. You are welcome to drop off any equipment that can be resold or that can help seniors in need.

Photo of three people each holding several boxes of strawberries. They pose in front of a Gagnon horticultural farm delivery truck.

Photo of flower bouquets being prepared.
Photo of two seniors being pushed along a sidewalk in reclining wheelchairs.

Rallying your team around a common cause

Strengthen your team while supporting a cherished cause. Organize an enriching activity for you and your employees with one of our local teams. Your kind gesture will have an impact on the isolated seniors of your community.

Corporate Volunteering

Share your team’s talent and generosity with the community and see how your participation strengthens team dynamics. There are several options available:

  • Prepare, wrap, or deliver gifts for special holidays (Easter, Christmas…);
  • Promote our mission and the search for volunteers within your community and business network;
  • Participate in volunteer recognition, thank-you, and donor retention campaigns;
  • Offer professional services (legal, communications, animation, services for events), etc.

Donation for your employees’ volunteer hours

Encourage your team members’ involvement by making a donation to Little Brothers in recognition of their volunteer hours.

Donation by payroll deduction

Give your employees the opportunity to show their support for Little Brothers by signing up for your company’s payroll deduction program. It’s a chance to contribute to the ambitious social mission of breaking down social isolation among seniors.

Any questions? We are here for you!

Contact Laurent Ropers, Philanthropic Development Coordinator; he will gladly answer all your questions.

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