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Béatrice Picard’s career celebrated

Hosted by Marie-Claude Barrette, the 6th edition of the Salon des aînés de Saint-Jérôme kicked off last Thursday live from Station 7 in Saint- Jérôme, in front of over 200 people.

During the evening, Béatrice Picard, patron of Little Brothers since 2007, shared many emotions during a vibrant tribute in her honor. A large part of the ceremony was dedicated to this great woman, who this month celebrates 75 years of career in film, theater and television. Many of Madame Picard’s friends, including Catherine Harel Bourdon, President and CEO of Les Petits Frères, Marie-Thérèse Fortin, France Castel and Louise Portal, gave vibrant testimonials to her life’s work.

“Madame Picard, thank you for having left your mark on the imaginations of Quebecers, on screen, in the theater and even in dubbing. I’ll remember Alice Lebrun, Basile’s wife in Cré Basile, for the rest of my life,” said Québec Premier François Legault. The segment was punctuated by musical performances from pianist Philippe Prud’homme and Claudette Dion, including a love-filled interpretation of Édith Piaf’s “La Vie en rose”.

The tribute concluded with the delivery of a bouquet of 75 roses and a priceless gift for Madame Picard: a donation of $4,000 from the Luc Maurice Foundation to the Little Brothers Foundation, to support its mission of countering the isolation of seniors.

Mrs. Picard extends her warmest thanks to all those who helped prepare such unforgettable memories and thoughtful gestures.

A replay of the media launch is available on the Salon des aînés de Saint-Jérôme Facebook page.

Photo credits: Martin Alarie

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