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Antoine, 12 years old, Affected by the Isolation of Seniors

Antoine’s relationship with his grandfather is particularly touching. 

Being very close to his family, he was grateful to live two minutes away from his grandfather’s house, whom he often visited to go for nice walks or invited to eat with his whole family. Antoine’s world was turned upside down when the pandemic prevented him from seeing his 81-year-old grandfather as regularly as usual. 

Antoine was suffering from being kept away from one of his favourite people, and this feeling made him aware of the isolation that his grandfather and other seniors could experience on a daily basis:

“For people who are aging alone, it’s different. It’s so sad, they have no one to help them, no one to talk to. They often stay at home.” 

Wanting to be of service to the most vulnerable seniors, he came up with the idea of selling hot peppers to benefit Little Brothers, the only organization that supports them until the end of their lives. As spring heralds the arrival of good weather and the possibility of finally getting out of the house for many seniors in Québec, Antoine wanted to bring them some joy through his gesture. 

As Québec Intergenerational Week draws to a close, we remind you of the importance of staying connected and offering your time to the seniors around you.

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