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Little Brothers: Present in Québec City since 1987

In Québec city, we are able to observe that the isolation of seniors is much more present than we could imagine. Some of them have lost contact with the community and it is very easy to no longer see them. One of our great challenges is certainly to make them feel at home in the community.

It is by working together with others in the community that we can identify isolated seniors, recreate a caring community around them, and ensure a continuum of care and services.

We promote grassroots mobilization and the matching of seniors with volunteers living in their neighbourhood.

On a daily basis, Little Brothers Québec can thus mark their presence and their ability to touch the hearts of our Great Friends.


seniors accompanied annually


volunteers who give their time throughout the year


June 1, 1987

Opening of a modest location at Patro Laval, in the Saint-Sauveur neighbourhood

June 1, 1989

In the same neighbourhood, the organization moves into its own apartment on Saint-Luc Street


Acquisition of the former Caisse Populaire de Vanier and move in on Chabot Street


Opening of a vacation home for our Great Friends, at Lake Saint-Joseph, thanks to the generous contribution of Louis Garneau


The Québec City house was renamed “Maison Paul-Hébert” to mark the organization’s 20 years of presence in the capital, as well as to pay tribute to the theatre actor who was its faithful spokesperson


Little Brothers celebrates the long relationship with businessman and philanthropist Louis Garneau by renaming the organization’s cottage after his father, Paul Garneau

Photo of two seniors holding hands in front of a flower arrangement reading "35".
Photo of a young man posing with two older women.
Photo of a smiling young man dancing with an elder.

Within the Community

Since it is collectively that we can respond to the needs and well-being of seniors, it is essential to work closely with collaborators and partners to extend the reach of our action.

Key Collaborators and Local Partners

  • Table de concertation des aînés de la Capitale-Nationale;
  • Table des organismes communautaires SAD du CSSS de la Vieille Capitale;
  • Table against abuse, neglect and violence towards seniors in the Vieille Capitale;
  • The Institute on Aging and Social Participation of Seniors (IVPSA);
  • Volunteer Centre of Quebec City;
  • Center d’action bénévole du Contrefort;
  • Center d’action Aide 23;
  • Contact-Aînés.
  • Coopérative funéraire des Deux Rives;
  • Fonds Louis Garneau;
  • Fondation Suzanne et Jean-Robert Leclerc;
  • Fondation Québec Philanthrope;
  • Groupe Humaco.

Meet a duo from Quebec

Our volunteers are the pride of our team!

We invite you to discover the portrait of Diane, a volunteer at Little Brothers of Quebec, and her Great Friend Yvrande. Let yourself be carried away by the world of the “Traits d’union” and see how such complicity can change a life (or two).

Team Members

Valérie Leblond, Regional Director, Eastern Québec

Josée Poulin, East of Québec sector

Michelle Jambou, West of Québec sector

Julia Kack, Québec Centre sector

Marie-Pier Turcotte, Support and Development Officer

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