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Little Brothers Near You: there for you, everywhere.

The efforts of the Near You team contribute to the mission in places where Little Brothers does not yet have a regional team. The Near You team is therefore able to meet the needs of all isolated people,  no matter where they live in Quebec.

So how do we do it? We pair up volunteers with seniors through telephone matches or home visits whenever possible. This way, Great Friends can talk regularly with someone they know and care about, even if Little Brothers is not yet physically present in their area.


seniors accompanied annually


volunteers who give their time throughout the year

Photo of a young woman smiling while on the phone.
Photo of an elderly woman laughing on the phone.
Photo of a young man laughing on the phone.

In the community

Since it is collectively that we can respond to the needs and well-being of seniors, it is essential to work closely with collaborators and partners to extend the reach of our action.

Key Collaborators and Local Partners

  • Joly-Messier Foundation;  
  • TELUS Foundation;
  • University of Sherbrooke;
  • Wawanesa Insurance.
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Team Members

Valérie Leblond, Regional Director

Geneviève Dargis, Team Coordinator

Nathalie Langlois, Team Coordinator

Odrée-Maude Lepage-Altiné, Team Coordinator


Little Brothers Near you

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