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Little Brothers: Present in Gatineau since 2021

In Gatineau, we are able to observe that the isolation of seniors is much more present than we could imagine. Some of them have lost contact with the community and it is very easy to no longer see them. One of our great challenges is certainly to make them feel at home in the community.

It is by working together with others in the community that we can identify isolated seniors, recreate a caring community around them, and ensure a continuum of care and services.

We promote grassroots mobilization and the matching of seniors with volunteers living in their neighbourhood.

On a daily basis, Little Brothers Gatineau can thus mark their presence and their ability to touch the hearts of our Great Friends.


seniors accompanied annually


volunteers who give their time throughout the year

An elderly woman with a younger women under a tree's canopy.
Photo of a very large table of people of all ages.
An elderly man and a friend with an arm over each other's shoulder.

Within the Community

Since it is collectively that we can respond to the needs and well-being of seniors, it is essential to work closely with collaborators and partners to extend the reach of our action.

Key Collaborators and Local Partners

  • Les logements Outaouais;
  • L’initial (Groupe Maurice);
  • Le Manoir Gatineau (Groupe Mandala Santé);
  • Community support worker, ROHSCO- Regroupement des OSBL d’habitation et d’hébergement avec support communautaire en Outaouais;
  • CAB of Gatineau;
  • Hull’s Centre d’entraide aux aînés;
  • CAB Accès Aylmer;
  • Gatineau Diocesan Centre;
  • The Office d’habitation de l’Outaouais (OHO);
  • ITMAV support works in the Gatineau territory;
  • TAAC- Table des Aînés Autonomes des Collines;
  • CISSS Outaouais (SAPA Services);
  • Campus 3.

Team Members

Emmanuel Bulamatari, Regional Director, Western Quebec

Nathalie Robert, Sector Manager

Dominique Bélanger

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