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A new brand image to celebrate 60 years of solidarity

Little Brothers are proud to unveil their new visual identity to their entire community. The flower, emblem of the Little Brothers, expresses the attention, the love and the fraternity that we have for our Great Friends and Great Friends. This flower also represents the way in which the teams and volunteers of the Little Brothers surround with benevolence the seniors who need it most.

Flowers before bread

A great opportunity also to pay tribute to the motto of Armand Marquiset, founder of the Little Brothers: “Flowers before bread. »

“Bread is used to nourish the body, it is necessary and very useful — to eat enough, to receive basic care, to live in decent housing, that is what allows the Great Friends to survive. Flowers are for nourishing the heart — to share love and tenderness, to feel important for someone, to nurture your dreams, to go on vacation, to fulfill yourself fully in order to feel alive until the end. » — Armand Marquiset, founder of the Little Brothers of the Poor

60 years of solidarity, it’s time to celebrate!

October 12, 2022 marked the 60th anniversary of Little Brothers in Quebec. First started in France by Armand Marquiset in 1946, this long love story with seniors began on October 12, 1962 in Quebec.

An important milestone for our organization, which appears to be an ideal moment to unveil our new visual identity, which respects our history while looking to the future.

Over the next twelve months, a multitude of communication initiatives and celebrations will take place: media campaign, new website, historical review, team anniversaries, testimonials and more!

Want to be part of the party? Join the regional teams of Little Brothers who offer activities in their  locality and follow us on social networks.

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