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5 ways to honour seniors during the month of remembrance

During the month of November, Little Brothers marks the Month of Remembrance, a time of year dedicated to commemorating the Great Friends who have left us in 2023. These moments of recollection are a balm for the grief of our volunteers and regional team members. It’s a time to reflect together on the precious memories of these people, but also to ensure that these memories live on in their hearts.

In this month dedicated to remembrance, these simple gestures honor the faithfulness of our accompaniment of the elderly right up to the end of life.

Here are five meaningful ways to pay tribute to isolated seniors during the month of remembrance.

1. Participate in a commemorative event :

Join our volunteers and teams across Quebec at commemorative events held throughout November. These occasions provide a space to remember Great Friends, share memories and reinforce our commitment to breaking the isolation of seniors. Talk to our coordinators.

2. Make a donation in honor :

A powerful way to pay tribute to a senior who has touched your life is to make a donation in their honour. Your gesture will show how much you care, and give you the comfort of knowing that you’re helping to create a better future for all seniors in Quebec. Your gift in her name will be used to support a cause close to your heart.

3. Become a volunteer in your area :

If you’re ready to make a real difference in the lives of isolated seniors, consider volunteering with Little Brothers. Your commitment can be a source of inspiration for others, and will help provide a warm and sincere presence to a senior, right to the end, in addition to making yourself useful and sharing your experience.

4. Visiting a senior :

There’s nothing like the warmth of a human presence. As a volunteer or friend, you can devote a little of your time to visiting a senior living alone. Sharing stories, smiles and a moment of conviviality can bring priceless comfort. And why not evoke the precious memory of an important person who crossed your path?

5. Take a moment to reflect :

The people we love are always in our hearts. Take the time to write a heartfelt letter, light a candle or take flowers to a place of remembrance. Express your gratitude, your sorrow and your affection for your loved ones.

By donating your time, making a tribute donation or participating in our commemorative events, you’re helping to make November a month of solidarity and love for our Great Friends.

Like a flame that illuminates the darkness, you’ll light up the lives of lonely and isolated seniors in Quebec!

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